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Accounting Systems

Discuss the latest changes in accounting systems for small, medium and large companies and fight staying with too many of the older feature and options. How are systems changing?


Many Nonprofit organizations are still struggling with the old ways of operating their busiensses and remain challenged by not seeking out the necessary professionals due to budget concerns. The loss of funding due to the lack of professional experience is astounding.


Many excellent start ups either never get started or get bogged down due to the lack of knowlegde and or misunderstanding as to what proper steps need to be taken.

Going Public

Although the market and related economy sets the tone for when a company should go public, the real struggle for many private companies is the lack of knowledge as to what course of acton is required to take a company public (IPO) and what the costs and necessary steps are to accomplish it.

Accounting Basic 

Anyone in business today needs to understand basic accounting. Whether you are a business owner or a manager in a business, its good to brush up on the basics.

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