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Vantage Consulting Professional Offerings

Consulting services provided by our team of experts.

SEC Reporting Services

Whether your need is to have your SEC staff properly trained, require implementation of SEC reporting software or providing assistance with your Q's and K's we can provide assistance.

CFO Department Turn Arounds

If you as a CFO are too busy to have all your related departments reviewed for proper operational efficeincies or need to have thorough due diligence performed on your departmnents to determine best practices we can assist.

Technical Accounting

If your company struggles to properly undersatnd certain FASB pronoucements or need position papers drafted and or responses provided to SEC comment letters, our professionals can assist.



Unclaimed Property

If state unclaimed property has caused exposure to your organization we can assist with the due diligence and escheatment state filing requirements. If audited by a state we can assist in all state audit requirements. 

Business Valuation 

 We provide you real economic value of the business. Dealing with the business valuation services, you can rely on us for any kind of analysis in order to buy or sell your business at fair price.

Cyber Security 

Because of the frequency and severity of cyber attacks, the institution should place an increasing focus on cybersecurity controls, a key component of information security. 

Gabriele-Vantage Consulting serves their clients with technical accounting reporting services.


Gabriele-Vantage Consulting understands that many companies struggle on a quarterly and annual basis with concerns of staying profitable, complying with varous FASB, IFRS, SEC Reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements among the few.


Other companies have concerns with setting up proper support for compliance, risk management, mergers and acquisitions and financial reporting systems.

Our Technical Accounting and Reporting Services help our clients comply with today’s ever-increasing volume of complex domestic and international accounting reporting requirements.

Organizations without the necessary expertise to meet the increasing volume of technical needs to identify alternatives to balance compliance initiatives with bottom-line activities are our typical clients.


The ideal solution is to partner with a single source for experienced resources, who can address technical accounting and reporting needs and related key objectives, such as FASB interpretation and implementation, policy development and expediting the all external reporting requirements without conflict-of-interest concerns.

Gabriele-Vantage offers comprehensive Technical Accounting and Reporting Services including:

  • Research
  • Documentation
  • Current and ongoing SEC, Local GAAP, IFRS reporting compliance
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Techincal Accounting and Reporting
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • CFO Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Unclaimed Property Due Diligence and Escheatment Services 

Our firm provides a practical advisory approach in helping our clients interpret, adopt, and implement new and existing accounting standards and reporting regulations. From basic to highly complex, we custom-tailor our services to fit our clients specific needs.

What CFOs and CEOs need?

Historically, less than half of acquisitions have created value, and CEOs who cannot articulate the strategic logic of a deal, and manage implementation accordingly, are likely to stumble. To weigh the merits of a deal, senior managers and boards of directors must start with remembering the basics.

Remembering the basics

Obviously, mergers and financial transactions are important strategic tools, But you have to identify the value drivers behind the business – what supports growth and return on investment – before you pursue such transactions. Surprisingly few companies actually do that.” - Scott Lobel, a principal in the New York office.

Gabriele-Vantage Consulting is a premier consulting firm with world-class, industry-leading consultants. We bring top quality consulting talent to all our clients, whether they are a Fortune 500 or a mid-sized company. We do so with an uncompromising position on flexibility, innovation and value generation.


Gabriele-Vantage’s business oriented, delivery-focused perspective helps organizations achieve their strategic, operational and technology objectives. Our commitment is to deliver solutions which meet our clients evolving business needs.


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